National Association for the Advancement of Colored People



NAACP Loudoun Branch Executive Committee

    Pastor Michelle C. Thomas, President
    Amanda Tandy , Vice President
  Rochelle Sumner, Secretary
    Amber Freeman , Assistant Secretary    
    Renee Weatherton, Treasurer
Alan Herlands , Assistant Treasurer

Committee Chairs:
, Communications
    Anab Ali , Community Coordinator
    Susan Mitchell, Economic Development Co-Chair
    Andrea Foster, Economic Development Co-Chair
    Robin Burke , Education
    Amanda Tandy, Environmental & Preservation Justice
    Renee  Weatherton, Freedom Fund Co-Chair
    Sandra Hope , Freedom Fund Co-Chair
    Randy Ihara , Labor & Industry
    Amber Freeman
, Legal Redress

    Johanna Gusman,
Political Action Chair
    Michelle Thomas , Religious Affairs Chair
    Felecia Lewis, Youth Committee
    Larry Simms , Member-At-Large
    Easton Somers, Member-At-Large

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