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Saturday, February 2, 2019


The Loudoun branch of the NAACP was shocked today to learn of the picture in Governor Ralph Northam’s medical yearbook from 1984, which depicts one person in “blackface” and another in the costume of the domestic terrorist organization, the KKK, of which Virginia still has three active cells. The Loudoun NAACP stands with the national NAACP President Derrick Johnson in calling for Governor Northam to resign.

Pastor Michelle Thomas, Loudoun NAACP President noted, “When a person is truly reformed, full disclosure is no longer optional, rather a part of the continuing process of amends, healing, and redemption.  To target African American churches while campaigning in elections,  infiltrate our communities and garner the financial support and votes of people of color statewide, while remaining silent about your participation in racist antics as a 25 year old adult, is predatory, reprehensible and has eroded the basic foundation of government-- trust between himself and the public”.

Virginia deserves a governor who does not view making light of a domestic terrorist organization and mimicking hurtful tropes as something to be admitted to and then quickly forgotten at a time when hate groups, hate crimes and even bullying based on ethnicity in schools in Virginia is on the rise. Virginia deserves a governor who exemplifies what is best about Virginia, understands how atrocious and wholly unacceptable anything less than complete condemnation of white supremacist, white nationalist, and neo-nazi groups is. The Governor has spoken about regaining trust, but that kind of trust takes more time to rebuild than Northam has remaining in his term.

The NAACP Loudoun Branch calls for the immediate resignation of Governor Ralph Northam, as he has breached the public trust of Virginians thus can no longer serve effectively as the head of our Commonwealth and continues to display genuine contempt for the African American community by not identifying himself or his colleague in the blackface/KKK photo. Virginia is better than this and must continue to hold our elected officials to the highest standard of integrity and transparency. Let us unite in our efforts to move Virginia forward and remain prayerful for Gov. Ralph Northam and his family during the difficult days ahead!

Going Forward Together,
Pastor Michelle C. Thomas
Loudoun School Board Adopts Gun Violence Prevention Resolution

April 11, 2018

School board member Joy Maloney (Broad Run) saw her gun violence prevention resolution narrowly adopted Tuesday, April 10

Compass Creek Development in Leesburg Could Disrupt Historic African-American Gravesite

March 22, 2018

Cool Springs Cemetery
A grave stone on the Compass Creek property in Leesburg. Local preservation groups say the site may include an African-American gravesite that could be disrupted by the new development.
'I Was That Guy:' Former White Supremecist Speaks in Loudoun About KKK Recruitment Fliers

March 6, 2018

Former white supremacist Tony McAleer and former gang member Sammy Rangle
 now members of the not-for-profit Life After hate, speak to a crowd of hundreds.

Town of Leesburg and Loudoun County Branch of the NAACP Officials Sign Memorandum of Understanding
February 26, 2018

MOU Signing Press Release.pdf
2018 MOU NAACP-Town of Leesburg.pdf

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